Kaitlin has taken a lifelong passion for wordsmithing and transformed it into a career creating engaging, captivating copy for companies large and small. Whether from her love of reading or her belief in the importance of never stopping the quest for knowledge, she has developed copy across a spectrum of industries, from healthcare to retail and IT to home improvement.

Her roles have often found her tapping into other aspects of marketing in addition to copywriting. She has designed logos, brochures, advertisements, and wireframes, and has a love for creating and implementing websites through WordPress, GoDaddy, and other hosting sites. She has created and managed social media sites, including developing and implementing social strategies and schedules, and has found a true calling in designing, managing, and contributing to blogs.

A born creative, she constantly seeks the next project that will ignite her imagination, whether it be through storytelling, painting, or figuring out the perfect layout of flowers for her garden.

When she is not using her hands to create, she is using them to flip pages in the latest book off her shelves, to pet her dogs, to button mash the Playstation controller, or to wave around frantically as the Jets lose another game (or scrape by with a win, because this season will surely be the one!).

To contact Kaitlin for job or project opportunities, please visit the contact page or email kaitlin.wagner7@gmail.com.